The average installed storage capacity among large enterprises has skyrocketed at a staggering growth rate and is expected to continue, making storage management a primary concern. Products that can manage the unmanageable are the only viable solution, and the Beacen Content Manager is equal to the task.

Designed to dramatically increase storage density, the Beacen Content Manager dynamically manages and allocates storage resources, reducing administrative costs and frees highly technical personnel to focus on business operational issues. This virtual file system enables business to take advantage of seamless data access across an entire enterprise; thus eliminating price barriers to the adoption of data-center-class storage solutions.

Unlike traditional storage solutions, the Beacen Content Manager's virtual storage architecture makes it possible for storage administrators to:

  • Install capacity based on the minimum and utilized capacity, rather than the total allocated capacity, minimizing the amount of installed but unused capacity
  • Add storage capacity and create back-ups for application and disaster recovery - anywhere, anytime - without system disruptions or downtime
  • Logically replicate data for application development, testing and training
  • Provide classes of storage services with guaranteed response times
  • Automatically and non-disruptively migrate data to the most cost-effective layer within a storage hierarchy
  • Migrate data and ensure application recovery without increasing the utilized physical capacity
  • Significantly extend the useful life of storage assets

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