Speed and multi-tasking are critical in today's fast paced world, yet latency and throughput issues plague businesses increasing downtime, reducing productivity and impacting user experience. beacen Enterprise ServerĀ® delivers unparalleled scalability, supporting thousands of simultaneous user sessions seamlessly.

Key Benefits

  • Lower costs: Any Unix-based server can function as a NAS filer without implementing highly specialized, expensive proprietary hardware. Furthermore, it will accommodate client systems from both PC and Unix-based workstations. It communicates with ES without requiring additional software.
  • Maximize resources: An administrator can replace hundreds of PC file servers with a single Enterprise Server. This maximizes resources, simplifies backups, and reduces administration costs without disruption of user experience. Massive server consolidation ensures support for over 120,000 users on a single server.
  • Increased productivity: Users can easily employ all PC functionality and connectivity through common PC-based user interface. A common example is mapping or browsing shared drives or accessing and submitting print jobs to network printers.
  • Ease of management: Ubiquitous and consistent access to shared objects regardless of delivery protocol ensures consistent access rights across all devices.

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